*Please only print the above forms if your Meet and Greet appointment is booked. Please bring the forms in on the day of your appointment, forms submitted prior to your appointment will not be accepted.

*If you are unable to print the forms, please attend your appointment 20 minutes prior to your booking so that you have time to fill out the intake package prior to being seen.

Dr. Cynthia Barco opened her family practice in October 2015. She is working part time, with clinic hours on Mondays, Thursdays, and Fridays. She is not currently accepting new patients.

Dr. Barco

Esquimalt Medical Clinic

Cancellation policy:

We require a full business day's notice for cancellation of any booked appointment. If this is not given you may be charged a No-Show fee. The amount of the fees is dependent on the amount of booked time missed. 

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